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Play Mat Sweet City


Play Mat Sweet City is together with Play Mat Play City one of our newest designs. Sweet City is a colorful Play Mat especially for girls. Pink, pink and another pink..


Product Description

Enjoy a relaxing walk or ride to the cupcake bakery. On this Play Mat, you can make it to the market, have a round on the Ferris wheel or just have a drink and chat with your friends!

This is one of the few Play Mats aimed for girls. This Play Mat is characterized by a warm cozy appearance. This mat is ideal to play with by example dolls. As shown in the picture this mat has winding paths where you can stroll about with friends. It looks like a park with lots of cozy tents. In brief many and many hours of fun guaranteed!

This Play Mat has a lot of little details that completely finish the rug. By using lots of different colors, the carpet is a colorful addition to any nursery. Great fun at home, school, grandma’s house, the beach, the park and parties with this play carpet. The Play Mat Sweet City is also suitable to play both with one child or with several children at once. The material feels strong & solid and has a long life.

Instructions Play Mat Sweet City:

The Play Mat can be deployed securely on a flat surface for the best performance and fun. Suitable for indoor and outdoor but can not withstand rain or hail (dry surface). The rug can be placed permanently but also be rolled back and simply be cleaned up in a closet. Rolled up the rug is easy to take along by example on holidays or to friends of family.

Specifications Play Mat Sweet City:

  • 100% Nylon Carpet;
  • Meets All Safety Standards;
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage (please note: dry surface / cannot withstand rain or hail);
  • Able To Withstand Rugged Wear;
  • Highest Inflammability Rating In The Industry;
  • Needs to be rolled out on a flat surface for the best result;
  • 3 Years & up;
  • Made in Belgium.

Additional Information


Ages 3 years


36″ x 79″ (95 x 200 cm), 55″ x 79″ (140 x 200 cm) (+£10.00), 63″ x 79″ (160 x 200cm) (+£15.00), 79″ x 118″ (200 x 300 cm) (+£40.00), 79″ x 79″ (200 x 200 cm) (+£20.00)


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