Play Mat Plus – minus squares set


Learn to count with this handy signs. Do you want to enumerate? You can extend the set of 1-10 squares with this plus sign, minus sign, slash and equal sign. This set consist of 4 squares: (+ – : =).

Product Description

The material feels strong & solid and has a long life under normal use and with routinely accepted maintenance.
This quality has a triple felt backing, double stitching and anti-microbial treatment.

35 X 35 CM per square

Specifications Play Mat Plus – minus squares set

  • 100% Nylon Mat;
  • Meets All Safety Standards;
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage (please note: dry surface / cannot withstand rain or hail);
  • Able To Withstand Rugged Wear;
  • Highest Inflammability Rating In The Industry;
  • Made in Belgium.

Additional Information


14″ x 14″ (35 x 35 cm)


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